I am an All-Natural Artisan and Wellness Guru excited to help YOU live a cleaner, healthier, and HAPPIER life!


Have you ever wondered if there was a better way to overcome health issues without so many doctor visits and medical bills? Have you ever wondered how you could finally live to your fullest potential, both mentally and physically? Have you ever been sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Whether you simply don't have enough energy throughout the day or struggle with chronic health issues; whether dealing with a slight sniffle or fighting off a vicious flu virus, wouldn't you like to have better control over your healthcare and learn ways to start feeling better without constantly relying on poisonous prescriptions, toxic over-the-counter drugs, or unnecessary doctor visits?  


DISCLAIMER ALERT!: Now, before I go any farther, I want to emphasis that I am NOT a doctor. I have had no official medical training what-so-ever, and I am by no means telling you that what I say should ever replace the care or advice of a medical professional. There are times doctor visits are absolutely necessary!  During those times, I highly recommend seeing a NATUROPATH or FUNCTIONING DOCTOR when available.  Please take the time to educate yourself as much as you can and use your best judgement when it comes to you and your family's health.


I am, however, a person struggling with chronic health issues who has found comfort and relief in a NATURAL lifestyle!  I am passionate to share with you the amazing information I have come across on my own journey to wellness and to let you know what I have found to be TRIED AND TRUE when it comes to being well, NATURALLY!



You see, about 10 years ago, I started getting sick...REALLY sick.  Over time, it became extremely difficult to work outside of my home. Any social activities were completely out of the question.  Even worse, despite all the medical testing I was going through, no medical professional could figure out what was wrong with me!  They were all grasping at straws, while I was quite literally withering away.   I was no longer living, but merely trying to survive day by day.   


Finally, I decided enough was enough!  Tired of doctor visits, tired of being poked and prodded, tired of being a medical guinea pig...tired of being sick and tired...I became determined to figure out a way to regain my health so I could actually LIVE again!  




It was from my sickbed that my natural wellness journey began.  With nothing else to do but just lay there, I grabbed my laptop and started to do some intensive research.  The more I dug into my studies, the more I kept seeing cases of people turning to natural methods to treat their heath issues with SUCCESS when medical science by itself wasn't able to help! And then it hit me!  OF COURSE!  It makes so much sense!: 


Everything our bodies need for optimal function is already provided by NATURE!  Think about it!  God created the Earth for mankind, and then created mankind from the Earth!  It becomes very evident that when we connect with nature the way we were created to, we have all we need to be HAPPY and HEALTHY, not just physically, but MENTALLY as well!! 


I discovered that by living a natural lifestyle, it was not only possible to keep sickness under control, but it was actually known to cure and even REVERSE the effects of certain diseases and chronic illnesses!  If there was any chance for me to feel better at all, it was going to be through living a cleaner, more NATURAL lifestyle! 


What did I have to lose?!  Nothing else was working for me, and if I didn't do something soon, my illness may have very well taken my life!  Slowly, I started to incorporate what I was learning into my own life to see if it would help me...AND IT ACTUALLY DID!  Little by little, with each new change I made and each natural remedy I tried, I felt NOTICEABLE IMPROVEMENT! Where medical science had failed me, NATURE had started to offer me RELIEF and HEALING


I was blown away!!  Why didn't I already known this?  Why aren't people taking this more seriously?  Why aren't doctors being taught this in medical school?!  If I had known, I may have been able to find relief of my chronic issues much sooner...or may have been able to prevent them altogether!  


At that moment, I decided I MUST share what I had learned with the world in hopes that it might help someone else the way it had helped me! 


And thus, TerrenEssence was born!   




I have been BEAUTIFULLY BLESSED in every aspect of my life!  While I do still struggle with certain health issues from time to time,  I am no longer just surviving, but am now THRIVING!! 


I am EXTREMELY GRATEFUL that I am able to do something I love from the comfort of my own home, especially on those days where working out of the home would be a struggle. My passion for life has returned, my FAITH is stronger than it's ever been, and I am truly HAPPY!  I have been able to reestablish a social life and found new passion for my hobbies!  I was even able to serve my local congregation by performing in the worship band, choir, and instrumental ensemble at my church (which would have never been possible before changing to this lifestyle)! 


I was recently MARRIED this past summer to my amazingly supportive husband, Michael, who not only encourages my health and wellness journey, but is right by my side living it with me (and has seen amazing results from it as well, might I add)!    

Since the birth of TerrenEssence, I have had the wonderful opportunity to educate others on natural wellness while helping them with their specific health concerns.  I am TRULY HUMBLED by the fact that God is using my journey to help others live BETTER, HEALTHIER lives! It would be an absolute honor to be able to help you, as well!


Let me know how I can help YOU thrive!!  Join me on this journey to NATURAL WELLNESS and experience HEALTH the way God intended it to be all along!