Lindsay is just amazing. You can feel the love and dedication into all of her items and information courses. I have used soaps, roll-on oils, hand sanitizers, lip balm and jewelry. Everything is above and beyond my expectations each and every time. I have yet to be even slightly disappointed in any products. Please feel free to ask my opinion on any of her items. Chances are I've used them!

She is also an essential oils guru! If she doesnt know the answer she will research and find you what you need! Shes dedicated to helping her clients feel great!

Kristin Hoban
Kristin Hoban Sinfully Posh

Lindsay is such a joy to interact with! She has a passion for what she does, and it totally shows. I love that she has an understanding of sensitivities and is willing to work with her customers for individual needs and wants.

If you have not bought from Lindsay before, you should definitely check out TerrenEssence, and all the lovely things this sweet lady has to offer!

Sarah Reed
Sarah Reed Waterlily Creations